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I am proud to be a certified Swim Smooth coach. Using Swim Smooth techniques, I offer swim coaching for adults between the ages of 18 and 80+. From the total beginner to the professional triathlete.

Every swimmer in our squad is an individual. Our Swim Types* coaching system recognizes that we are all different, with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. We’re not all 6ft 2in tall with the background of Gainesville’s resident Gold Medal winner, Ryan Lochte. You may not be training exclusively for pool swimming – which is VERY different from swimming well in the open water – so why should we all be coached in the same way? We shouldn’t, and you won’t. 

Swim Smooth is a Truly Individual Approach

As a Swim Smooth Certified Coach and I offer the following services:

  • Full Swim Smooth Video Analysis & Stroke Correction
  • Training Camps in North Florida
  • Swim Smooth Squad Sessions
  • Open Water and/or Triathlon Swim Clinics

Swim Smooth embeds in all of our coaching, and all of our products, is the fundamental philosophy that we are all different. How you should swim for best results should not necessarily be the same as your friend or the fastest swimmer you have seen in the pool.

Don’t worry if that sounds complicated because actually it isn’t. In fact by focusing on the two to three things that you individually need to work on to improve you can forget everything else which makes things simpler not more complicated.

The result is much faster results and a level of swimming you never though you could achieve. Get off that plateau today!

You’re never too old to Tri!

I tried my first triathlon when I turned 50. I realized that I had discovered my new identity! Training for my following sprint triathlons was hit or miss. My only constant was my cheerleader husband. It was after our move from Illinois to Florida that I was luckily introduced to Coach Karyn Austin and proudly became one of her Chicks Who Tri. I appreciate Karyn’s thoughtful attention to technique, not only for efficiency but also for the prevention of injury...

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Truly spectacular coaching

I competed in my 1st Triathlon in June 2012 at the age of 43. I met Karyn not long after that and started training with her in February 2014. As is common for many athletes, especially women who may have taken time off to go to school, start a career and raise a family, until my 40’s, I had not participated in any competitive athletic activity since high school! Karyn provided me with a manageable training schedule that didn't get in the way of family and work obligations...

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Personalized Coaching for Every Athlete

I’m Karyn Austin and I believe you deserve the best coaching. Whether your goal is to win your next ironman, finish your first 5k, lose weight, or if you want to learn to swim I will give you the personal attention and guide, support and inspire you along every step of the way.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve developed a unique approach to help you reach and exceed your goals.

Contact Me today and lets get you started on your way to your next Personal Record!