Swim Smooth

A Truly Individual Approach

I am a Swim Smooth Certified Coach and I offer the following services:

  • Full Swim Smooth Video Analysis & Stroke Correction
  • Training Camps in North Florida
  • Swim Smooth Squad Sessions
  • Open Water and/or Triathlon Swim Clinics

Swim Smooth embeds in all of our coaching, and all of our products, is the fundamental philosophy that we are all different. How you should swim for best results should not necessarily be the same as your friend or the fastest swimmer you have seen in the pool.

Your height, build, flexibility, strength, your goals and even your personality affect how you swim and we need to take account of that.

Don’t worry if that sounds complicated because actually it isn’t. In fact by focusing on the two to three things that you individually need to work on to improve you can forget everything else which makes things simpler not more complicated.

The result is much faster results and a level of swimming you never though you could achieve. Get off that plateau today!

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